3 Tips to Consider if You are Thinking About Building a Custom Wine Cellar in Your Home.

1. Ask yourself why you would like to build a custom wine cellar.

If you want to watch your wine develop and evolve, having a climate controlled wine cellar where you can follow that evolution, is of utmost importance. Entertaining friends with discerning taste? It’s a good idea to have a diverse selection of wine on hand to complement any meal or occasion.

2. Where will you build your custom wine cellar?

In a perfect world, we would all have a basement with the means of storing an extensive collection of wine. Cru Custom Wine Cellars has the expertise to install a custom wine cellar for the expert connoisseur whose collection keeps expanding to those who only have space for wine storage systems under their stairs.

3. What wines are worth investing in?

That is a question only you can answer. Choose a wine you prefer, and become knowledgeable on which wines are capable of long term development in the bottle. Most reds and sweeter wines tend to be good for medium to long term cellaring. Before you invest too much, make certain that you enjoy the aroma and flavor of older wines.

Attempt to find examples of favorite wines that have some bottle age on them. If you enjoy the way they have evolved and developed, you can begin stashing some away.

If you enjoy collecting and depleting wine, you should understand that it requires ongoing maintenance and replenishment.

Don’t simply look at it, drink it!

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